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Employment discrimination in any form is a problem, true it exists but we need to rise above it in any way we can. Another type of discrimination is Age Discrimination, it crosses all economic and social boundaries, it is equally cruel to all races and both genders.

Big business uses our age against us when we apply for employment, they make us hide the years of experience we have, they make us ashamed for having the years we have, they are using tactics that can not be defined as employment discrimination, but it is employment discrimination none the less. This wave of Age Discrimination is sly and corporate HR uses veiled tactics to exclude older unemployed workers.

How can American businesses think that older workers are less valuable than the students right out of college. True they have a nice new degree. I have twenty five years doing the job you will probably hire the new graduate to do. The only reason to come to mind is MONEY, the new graduates will start for less money then I made before becoming unemployed. Les experience equals less salary, that is corporate america in a nutshell.

The sneaky thing is that they use veiled advertisements and coded questions to weed out the experienced worker in a way that will not appear to be employment discrimination, but we know it is at any rate.

Even if you somehow get an interview HR can dismiss you with the line "We will be in touch" as if we had a chance to get a job that we are ultimately qualified to do.

Even the blind men on capitol hill have had someone point out to them that older workers are facing employment discrimination and remaining on unemployment in higher numbers and for extended lengths of time, losing both their income and their health benefits.

Because corporate America wants to save a few bucks. This is criminal. Bailout, corporate America knows that word very well, government bailed out business, from the auto makers to the banks and who knows how many more individuals with charitable foundations and the like.

I think at fifty two I am a better worker then I was in my twenties, my focus has changed from girls night out and drinking to home and quality of life although the current state of the economy I may revisit the drinking. I enjoy doing a great job. I put energy into everything I do. I excel at work, I like working and have a great deal of experience in varying types of work.

I can do much more than be a bagger at the store or a greeter. Don't tell me I would be bored working in a lesser job then I had a few years ago, I'm bored now I'm unemployed. Besides even if I was bored you wouldn't need to worry about me leaving for a better opportunity because employment discrimination and the economy have made certain there are no jobs for me to go and get.

Paid surveys can be done by everyone. This is a fact. As compared to other online jobs available, this is actually the easiest one to perform. But there’s one important thing that each user must know and that is how to search for survey sites that pay well. This task makes surveys a bit difficult. If you try to ask those who are taking paid surveys, you will find out that a lot of them do not get what is due them. It even resulted to a great problem faced by people in the industry.
I know that all survey takers wish to get hold of the ways and means on how get a compensation equal to the time and effort spent by them. To get acquainted of these ways and means, continue reading the entire article.
Where does this problem come from? This should be the first concern that must be answered. Usually, regular internet users would want to begin working, hence, their resource of the list of survey sites would be the search engines. This is simply because they get results in an instant not knowing that this manner of searching is actually the main source of the problem. If you try to observe, search engines enumerate a number of paid survey sites which are actually scams or low paying. Thus, the best way to earn more is to regard these search engines as nonexistent in looking for the best survey sites since they will only mislead you to the sites which are not what you’re looking for.
Completely disregarding search engines as survey sites resource, why not try using forums. In these forums, you will surely find people who have knowledge, thoughts, and experiences in the taking of surveys. All you have to do is to read what these people are sharing, whether they are long or short, as you will surely learn from their detailed experiences, thoughts and knowledge. Besides, your online career might just get better as you can deal with it without any difficulty.
Large forums are the best resource ever as you will find a lot of topics discussing things related to paid surveys. You will have no doubts as to the information shared by the said experience forum posters as it is guaranteed that these information are true and honestly given. Not only will you get hold of the ideas that are very much helpful to your career, but you will also get hold of a number of survey sites where these forum posters earned much money.
It can’t be helped that we want to earn as fast and easy as possible. However, this is not a good idea since hard work pays better.